Important – A Note on Ordinance

2 May 20Uncategorized

Dear Church, The Church Council is currently taking a legal ordinance to the Diocese asking for a tax exemption and asking for permission to access trust money for remediation works to our Redfern church. Under Diocesan church rules we would normally advertise such an event for three weeks publicly in church. But given the current…

Where does the word ‘Christmas’ come from?

10 December 15Christmas

The following is an excerpt from Kel Richards’ tract Christmas Wordwatch (Matthias Media, Kingsford, 2006). “The word ‘Christmas’ first appears in something called the Old English Chronicle almost a thousand years ago (in the year 1123 to be precise). It comes from the late Old English expression Cristes maesse. And this Old English word maesse…

What is a Carol?

3 December 15Christmas

When you do, it is all the more reason to come to Carols on the Lawn (Saturday 12 December) and our Christmas Services! “‘Carol’ came into English in the 14th century from an Old French word meaning ‘joyful song’. In fact, it meant a song so bright and joyful that you could dance to it….

God of all nations

19 November 15church, compassion, Culture, Faithfulness, Prayer

Last Saturday morning I checked Facebook before I checked the news. I saw that a friend of mine who lives in Paris had posted that she was safe and sound in Italy. I remember thinking what an odd thing to post. I was a bit confused. It was only a few hours later that one…

Reflections of a rookie minister in her first year on the job

5 November 15Christian Growth, church, Faithfulness

Part 2 – What has surprised me about ministry? It is a challenging but exciting thing to look back on one’s first year of ministry. There are some really fond memories but also some awkward moments where I am embarrassed to remember how badly I have put my foot in it. When you leave theological…

A Christian perspective on Euthanasia

28 October 15compassion, death, ethics, euthanasia

Euthanasia is a very topical issue at the moment. I don’t know if you’ve seen the number of news stories recently about euthanasia. A few weeks ago, the governor of California signed into State Law the “End of Life Option Act”, allowing for voluntary euthanasia. This came on the back of the story of Brittany…

Reflections of a rookie minister in her first year on the job

22 October 15church, Culture, Identity, Serving

Part 1 – What does a minster do all day? A few months ago I was away and I got to meet new people each and every day. The conversation always came round to the question ‘so what do you do during the week?’ At the end of my trip I reflected to a friend…

Using Your Gifts: Yannick’s Story

15 October 15Acting, Gifts

Recently, I looked around at all the faces in church and realised that with the exception of my wife, I did not know a single person there two years ago. It’s really amazing how God builds His church, bringing together people who would otherwise not have known each other. Every church community will look and…

Work, rest, play no more

8 October 15church, Culture, Identity, Politics, Uncategorized

Work, rest, play I need to preface this blog by stating that I am not an economist. I very rarely understand the articles in the Financial Review and I if you ask our church treasurer I sometimes struggle to make my work budget balance. Economics and commerce are not personal strong suits. With these caveats…

Joy in Philippians – A new sermon series

8 October 15church, Latest News, Scripture

This week at one1seven we are starting a new sermon series on Philippians.  Our senior Pastor Matt has penned some thoughts on the letter and the upcoming series. For the remainder of 2015 we are going to be studying Paul’s letter to the Philippian church. It is a letter about Jesus and it is a…