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19 November 14Christian Growth

There is a particularly dangerous way of life that Christians can fall into…

I have been convicted recently of just how easy it is to ‘compartmentalise’ our Christian lives. That is, on Sunday night at church, and perhaps on Tuesday / Wednesday night at bible study we look like we are powering on as Christians, yet the rest of the week is spent with God in absentia. The danger is that church can be the perfect breeding ground for this type of sentiment in many ways – the significant proportion of our family is made up of youth (“I’m just starting to own my faith”), working adults (“I’ve got many life decisions to make”) young families (“We’re just swamped at the moment”) and those who have gone through the rigours of family, career etc (“I’ve been a Christian for years and years”). I think it is very easy to develop a rhythm in life where God is described as “important”, but largely sidelined when you look across the whole of your week.

Remember the story of the man who owned a donkey and in order to cut costs started supplementing the donkey’s feed with sawdust. And for a time everything was looked fine. But all too soon the donkey got very sick and died. Because it was eating sawdust. I know for a fact that there are regular members of our church – genuinely convicted Christians – whose entire gospel diet is Sunday night and Bible Study, the rest of their consumption is the sawdust of the world and popular culture. There is great danger in neglecting our Christian lives: It will leave us unguarded and unprepared for temptation, sinful behaviour and other tricks of the devil, but more than this it will prevent us from moving forward in Christ and helping those around us move forward too. There are a lot of Christian hypocrites out there. I suspect that none of them determined that they would end up this way, but that they drifted there because the rhythm of their life lacked Jesus.

If you look at your life and realise you are heading in the wrong direction, repent in the knowledge that you have a God in Jesus who loves and cares deeply for you. Have a read again from 2 Corinthians 1:1-11 and be reminded of the comfort of God for those who know trust and depend on Him. If you need some resources to help kick-start your Christian life, come and see me on Sunday.