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You may have driven past our Redfern Campus building at 117 Young Street on many occasions, but you can take a tour of the inside of the building right here. It’s a big space. Simply move your cursor around and you should be able to get a 360° view of the interior of the building.

The church building has existed on this site since 1885, and was originally built by the generosity of the members of Christ Church, St Lawrence (located near Central station). 

There are some things you might like to look for: the stained glass window at the back is original to 1885. At various times, the church has been re-detailed when cracks or leaks have formed in the structure. For example, the roof is only a few decades old, and you might notice the new pointing on the right pillars as you face the front.

Do you know any stories or have photographs from our history? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Matt at

10am Sunday 117 Young St Redfern Green Square Campus