Weddings / Funerals

Occasional Service Enquiries

At one1seven, we love our community and we are happy to make our services and facilities available where possible and welcome your enquiries.


Christian marriage is the foundation of our families and our society. We like to encourage those who are considering marriage to prepare, not only for their wedding day but for their marriage as a whole. We offer a variety of courses and pre-marriage counselling to assist couples who are preparing for marriage.


Nothing can be more traumatic than the death of a relative or friend. The staff members of one1seven church are available to help those who are grieving and to assist in the preparation and conduct of funeral services. It is important to contact us as soon as possible to organise the best times for services in the church.

Any of the above services can be arranged by speaking with one of the ministry team at a regular Sunday service or contacting the church office on 9698 9497. We would love to have you share these important days with us.

10am Sunday 117 Young St Redfern Green Square Campus