Who is Jesus?

At one1seven church, we believe His life and his mission are understood by who He is: God and man in one: 

He is the eternal God: 

The One who was there at the beginning with the Father and the Spirit and who created everything that exists. 

The One who enjoyed the delight of perfect love with the apple of His creative eye, mankind.

The One who watched in desperate grief as the people He so dearly and wonderfully created rejected Him in sin.

The One who still committed to His people as they continued to walk away from Him.

He is the perfect man:

The One who entered history as a man, born of a woman

The One who lived a sinless life of full devotion and joy towards God

The One still rejected by His people that He would die, and in so doing put to death the consequences and effects of sin.

The One who was raised from death, so that even the last great enemy – death itself – sits under His power and reign.

The One who ascended into heaven and sits at God’s right hand

And as both the eternal God and perfect man :

He can pay the punishment for our sins.

He can offer God’s salvation and forgiveness to us.

He is the perfect judge of all the world.

Jesus invites everyone to investigate his life, his words and his mission in the bible: “Who do you say that I am?

We hope that one1seven church is a safe place to come and investigate the question of who Jesus is. Come and join us at 10am at our Redfern Church or 4pm at our Green Square Church.

4pm Sunday Cnr Collins St & Victoria St Green Square Redfern Campus