The Dimensional Gospel

19 September 14Gospel

When you have a small view of sin, you will have a small view of the one who saves us from sin.

This is the very truth of the gospel that we believe in, and the reason why committed Christians “bang on” about sin so much. It is certainly not that we want people to feel downcast and guilty – it is simply that a right view of the pain of sin and the terror of its consequences helps us to see how precious and wonderful the death of Jesus was for us – a death that saved us from those things. I tell the following story when I’m leading Christianity Explained: When Jess and I were searching for a wedding ring, we went to the jeweller for some options. But they didn’t just pull a ring out from the cupboard and throw it onto the counter in front of us. No – they unfurled a piece of black felt cloth and placed the ring delicately on top of it. The blackness of the background brings out such a contrast in the highly polished gold that the ring looks even more spectacular.

So it is with the gospel. We should never grow weary of hearing the good news about Jesus, and the Bible does not let us grow tired. Have a look at just some of the ways the Bible describes sin:

lawlessness unforgiven blindness not persevering
rejection unredeemed deafness arrogant
rebellion unrighteous disobedient perverted
idolatry unholy do not know Kingdom of Darkness
darkness unclean turning away worldly
slavery unbelieving dirty lost
death unrepentant stained falling short of glory
forgetting ungodly falling tainted
without life unsaved exchange hostile / enemies
fleshly desire unwashed old man under judgement


For every description of sin, there is a corresponding explanation of Jesus’ work on our behalf. Where we were enemies, we have now been made children; where we were lost, we have now been found; where we were unforgiven, we have been granted forgiveness; where we were in darkness, we are now in the light… and on and on.

How great is our dimensional gospel?
How great is our salvation?
How great is our Saviour?