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God of all nations

19 November 15church, compassion, Culture, Faithfulness, Prayer

Last Saturday morning I checked Facebook before I checked the news. I saw that a friend of mine who lives in Paris had posted that she was safe and sound in Italy. I remember thinking what an odd thing to post. I was a bit confused. It was only a few hours later that one…

A New Prime Minister

17 September 15Politics, Prayer

On Monday Night, the caucus of the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party voted Malcolm Turnbull into the role of leader, and therefore into the role of Australian Prime Minister. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that in symmetry to the events of November 2009 (where Tony Abbott replaced Malcolm Turnbull), these sort of back-room, hastily…

Do you pray for your suburb?

3 September 15church, Gospel, Latest News, Prayer

I recently moved into Redfern. I have always been an advocate of living in the suburb where you go to church. Having commuted in for six months it is so exciting to wake up and walk to work everyday through the streets of the suburb I minister to. As I walk to church throughout the…

Prayer in the Midst of Tragedy and Violence

28 July 14Prayer

If you have been reading or watching the news this week, you will know of the great persecution and violence that is occurring in Iraq at the present time. For the uninitiated, here is a UK mail report from earlier this week: In this blog, I wanted to suggest a few thoughts about how Christians…