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Reflections of a rookie minister in her first year on the job

22 October 15church, Culture, Identity, Serving

Part 1 – What does a minster do all day? A few months ago I was away and I got to meet new people each and every day. The conversation always came round to the question ‘so what do you do during the week?’ At the end of my trip I reflected to a friend…

Work, rest, play no more

8 October 15church, Culture, Identity, Politics, Uncategorized

Work, rest, play I need to preface this blog by stating that I am not an economist. I very rarely understand the articles in the Financial Review and I if you ask our church treasurer I sometimes struggle to make my work budget balance. Economics and commerce are not personal strong suits. With these caveats…

What does your Social Media account say about you?

13 August 14Identity

Ask most people in generations X, Y and “GenNOW” (whatever that is…) and most people in those age groups will have at least one, probably more social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc…). All these mediums get you to enter your details to create an account so that when you contribute to a conversation or…