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Tonight on The Bachelor…

10 September 15Culture, Gospel, Hospitality

There are two weeks left of the current season of The Bachelor. Up until a few weeks ago I had never watched a single episode of this reality television franchise. I have now watched four whole episodes and I have to admit that I have become rather invested in the love life of Sam Wood….

Do you pray for your suburb?

3 September 15church, Gospel, Latest News, Prayer

I recently moved into Redfern. I have always been an advocate of living in the suburb where you go to church. Having commuted in for six months it is so exciting to wake up and walk to work everyday through the streets of the suburb I minister to. As I walk to church throughout the…

The Dimensional Gospel

19 September 14Gospel

When you have a small view of sin, you will have a small view of the one who saves us from sin. This is the very truth of the gospel that we believe in, and the reason why committed Christians “bang on” about sin so much. It is certainly not that we want people to…